Str. Tamás Ernő nr.1 

540307  Târgu Mureș, România
Tel:        +40 265 311 435
Tel/Fax:  +40 265 311 434

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Radu Tufan Radu Tufan

Mobil: +40 727 750 127

Adrian Cioata Adrian Cioata

Mobil: +40 724 750 128



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Through constant investments and the use of advanced technology and continuous training of our employees, we can offer a , high quality standard of our products.

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Components are precisely matched to each other, from conception through production to installation. Through our long experience we achieve annual maximum customer satisfaction and highest quality standards.

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You have questions or need more detailed information on specific products and services? Do not hesitate to contact us ... We will get back to you and submit you an offer.